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Instructions for Authors

纳米技术字母, an international English language, open-access online journal, will consider for publication original articles, short communications, case reports, letters to the editor, editorials and mini-reviews. Emphasis is given to all aspects of Nanotechnology. Submissions will be assessed on their scientific validity and merit. Manuscripts are received with the understanding that they are submitted solely to Nanotechnology Letters, and that none of the material contained in the manuscript has been published previously or is under consideration for publication elsewhere, excluding abstracts. The Journal adheres to the Creative Commons Licence “Attribution − Non Commercial − CC BY-NC” for all OPEN ACCESS submissions. The publisher reserves commercial copyright on all published material, and permits individual copy reproduction and use in any medium provided the work is properly cited. For permission to reproduce and distribute multiple copies of the publication, please contact the publisher at[电子邮件保护]。Statements and opinions are the responsibility of the authors.
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Article Processing Charges (APC):

Average Article processing time (APT) is 45 days

一般说明:安排手稿如下:标题页,结构化的抽象和关键词,简介,方法,结果,讨论,确认,资金来源,披露,参考,图形传说,表格和图形。不要将数字导入文本文件中。编号为第1页,从标题页开始为1。第一作者的姓氏应在每个页面的顶部键入。为了确保最终发布的版本与电子文件匹配,请确保仅使用新罗马或Arial,字体,双间隔。使用非标准字体可能会导致缺失的符号。文本文件必须保存为doc.files。所有手稿都必须伴随一封求职信,详细说明正在提交的内容,并指示作者应向谁解决通信和页面证明。作者必须签署PULSUS Group提供的出版协议。亚博棋牌官网yabo真人接受出版。
TITLE PAGE:标题,作者的名称(包括完整的名称和中间名和凭据[MD,PhD,MSC等])以及45个字符的简短运行标题应显示在标题页上。包括作品起源的机构的名称,以及全名,邮寄代码的邮寄地址,电话和传真号码以及作者的电子邮件地址,应向该地址发送沟通,证明和要求转载的请求。
ABSTRACT AND KEY WORDS:On a separate page, provide a structured abstract of no more than 250 words. It should be subdivided into four subsections headed: Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusions. Abstract for case reports need not to be structured but are limited to 150 words. Abbreviate only standard units of measurement. At the end of the abstract, include a list of three to six key words or phrases for indexing purposes.
文本:文本应分为引言,方法,结果和讨论。方法,结果和讨论部分应提供适当的子标题。Abbreviations should follow the form recommended in ‘Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals’ prepared by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors and published in Ann Intern Med 1997;126:36-47 and Can Med Assoc J 1997;156:270-7.
1. Kohl P, Day K, Noble D, et al. Cellular mechanisms of cardiac mechano-electric feedback in a mathematical model. Can J Cardiol 1998;14:111-9.
2. Svensson LG, Crawford ES. Cardiovascular and Vascular Disease of the Aorta. Toronto: WB Saunders Company, 1997:184-5.
3. Trehan S, Anderson JL. Thrombolytic therapy. In: Yusuf S, Cairns JA, eds. Evidence Based Cardiology. London: BMJ Books, 1998:419-44.
4. National Library of Medicine. Images from the History of Medicine. (Accessed January 5, 1999).
数字:所有数字必须以其原始格式提交。数字上的字母,小数,线条和其他细节应足够大,可以承受减少和繁殖。必须使用Microsoft Word(.doc),Microsoft Power Point(.ppt),Microsoft Excel(.xls),Corel Draw(.cdr)或Adobe Illustrator(.AL或.EPS)创建图形。导入您图形的任何图形也必须单独提交。可以以不少于300 dpi的分辨率扫描照片,并保存为.TIFF文件。将作物标记放在显微照片上以显示基本领域,并指定箭头的特殊特征(必须与背景形成对比)。
图传奇:类型双倍行距,独立于其他text with figure numbers corresponding to the order in which figures are presented in the text. Identify all abbreviations appearing on figures in alphabetical order at the end of each legend. Enough information should be given to allow interpretation of the figure without reference to the text. Figure legends should not appear on the actual figures. Written permission from the publisher and author to reproduce any previously published figures must be included.
: Type double-spaced, on a separate page of the rest of the text, with the number above the table and explanatory notes below. Table numbers should appear in Arabic numerals and should correspond to the order of the tables in the text. If abbreviations are used an alphabetical listing must be included in the footnote. Written permission from publisher to reproduce any previously published tables must be included.
利益冲突:All authors must disclose any commercial associations or other arrangements (eg, financial compensation received, patient-licensing arrangements, potential to profit, consultancy, stock ownership, etc) that may pose a conflict of interest in connection with the article. This information will be made available to the editor and reviewers, and may be included as a footnote at the editor’s discretion.
ETHICS OF HUMAN AND ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS:If human subjects are involved, the text must indicate that all gave informed consent and that the protocol was approved by the institutional review committee. If experimental animals are used, provide a statement in the text to indicate that all procedures followed were in accordance with institutional policies.
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